About Us

Tramertas established in Sivas - Turkey, in year 2002, serves its customers by processing the travertine and marble blocks extracted from its own quarries in Sivas within the quality standards of World Natural Stone Market at its own production plant (15,000 m2 open air,  4.000 m2 covered area) in Organized Industrial Zone. The plant is working and producing since its establishment 24 hours a day with its approx.100 personal.

Our quarries are 20 km away to our plant. Our need on raw material is covered by working 24 hours a day during 7-8 months in a year because of the seasonal conditions. Most of them seasonally, approximately 20 people are employed also in our quarries.

The aim of TRAMERTAŞ is to make stone brands also out of the other unique, high quality natural stones extracted from its own high potential reserve quarries by following the same philosophy like the name SCABOS in travertine, which has been done a world stone brand with its unique specifications by TRAMERTAŞ.

Reflecting its experience by being a family company and dynamism of young managerial staff and over 100 employees to the Natural Stone Market, Tramertas is exporting its products to more than 15 countries over 5 continents.  

In Turkey, a country the richness of which on natural stones are confirmed by the world, TRAMERTAŞ has right to be proud as being the one who has added a new product to this richness with the introduction of the  brand SCABOS in travertine to the market.