- Packaging


  • Boxes are manufactured of first class larch.
  • To increase the robustness of the boxes, the corners are supported with metal strips.
  • To prevent cracking at the edges and corners of the product, 2cm thick styrofoam is placed at the bottom and the edges (excluding faces) of the boxes.
  • A 2cm thick lath is placed in the middle of the box among the stones  to prevent crackings at the edges and corners.
  • To minimize deflections of the box that may occur , the box is surrounded with plastic supporting strips.
  • 1cm thick styrofoam is placed at the top of the case , then covered with nylon to protect from external factors.
  • Depending on the size of the product,  styrofoam or carton packaging materials are also used  in the  box. 
  • In the box at the upper-middle part of the face, a label with all details of the product in box is located.
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